Poker and the Art of Winning

by WinnerPokerReview

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Your poker table image is the perception by your competitor of your poker gameplay. The 1st impression is alleged to be the last impression. However when referring to a poker game impressions seldom count. By studying the patterns of one’s opponents, one can make educated guesstimates about their potential hands. The more you play against an adversary the more you begin to know of their gameplay.

If a player who keeps folding, all of a sudden calls or raises, one may surmise that he / she has stronger than average set of cards in their hand. From the other viewpoint, a player can also leverage his table image by fooling your contestant into assuming that you have got a puny hand. Even body movements and words expounded in the gameplay have a lot to say of your adversary and you. If you’ve been watching WSOP on television then you’ll see what I am trying to say here. Players will be wearing dark glasses and hoods solely to mask their image / poker face. When does one win at poker? It does appear to be a nice question worth asking, but a really troublesome one to break. One technique of explaining a win would be when you play a hand how you would if you might see your opponent’s cards. Inversely you would also gain if your competitor plays his cards differently from how he would have played them if he could see your cards. This basically means that if you’re successful in stimulating your opponents to play differently than they might if they could see your cards than much of the time you would finish up winning.

Bluffing and slow play are classic examples of this. Bluffing provides help in masking your hand from that of the adversary and prompts them to double superior hands.

However if a player observes that you never bluff then you’ve had it. They will not call their gambles unless they have excellent hands. Slow playing is just the inverse of bluffing where you bet low whether or not you’ve got a great hand.

However if your opponents observe that you never slow play then they’ll pounce on any trace of weakness. At the end, do understand that to actually win at poker you need to play as many hands as you can.

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