Unknown Online Player Takes ‘jungleman12′ for $300,000

by WinnerPokerReview

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Since ‘Lindqvro took Dan ‘jungleman12′ Cates to the cleaners in an entertaining session on the virtual felt a few days ago, online railbirds have been speculating about the identity of unknown online poker player.

The heads-up duo battled at the $25/$50 Pot Limit Omaha tables and ‘Lindqvro’ ended the exchanges with an upswing of about $300,000.

Initially,’Lindqvro’ had check raised to $40,500 following a half of the pot bet from Cates. ‘Lindqvro’ was way ahead of his opponent with two pair but Cates had several outs on the river. However, Cates fell short to catch the cards he needed on either river run and ‘Lindqvro’ took down the $82,214 pot.

The fact that ‘Lindqvro’ is Swedish has led to suggest it may be another alias of Team PokerStars sponsored pro, Viktor Blom. However, Blom shunned himself from the alias after responding to the speculation.

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